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About Us
Turtle Hollow Dressage
8500 65th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32967      860-608-4271
After decades of training with several top trainers, Claudia Tarlov decided to
combine all the qualities she sought in horse care to develop Turtle Hollow
Dressage. Often in the high-quality training environments that she trained in, the
natural lifestyle of the horse was changed dramatically. While these prior training
situations were also of very high standards, Claudia decided that much could be
added to enhance the natural needs and preferences of horses.

If one puts ten people in a room, without a doubt, individuality becomes evident,
in that not everyone enjoys the same diet, same daily activities or routines. The
same applies to horses. We start with the natural equine, its normal needs, and
then look for their individual wants. Some horses do well with long turnout, some
get insecure and wish to be inside. Most horses do well with turnout before they
are worked to be sure they have had a chance to move and loosen and stretch
their joints and muscles, as well as relax their minds into a little grazing. For that
reason, each horse can enjoy a grass paddock with a neighbor in another
paddock for socialization needs as soon as they finish their morning meal.
Horses are watched so that rough play or excessive running can be modified to
healthy exercise.
Diet and training are other main components of the Turtle Hollow program.
Each horse's diet is adjusted to meet their needs, whether for a horse
needing a simple diet of pellets and timothy or grass hay, or a diet of
digestive formula feed and alfalfa, we adjust our feed room to the horses that
are here. Hay is provided at any time for horses in their stalls to prevent
boredom and to closely simulate the grazing they would normally do. This
contributes to good gastric health. Turnout water tubs are generous and
regularly cleaned and changed with the same water we drink.

The training philosophy at Turtle Hollow Dressage is based on understanding
how each individual horse processes information from the rider. While using
a basics and training scale foundation, we adjust our training content to the
best means possible for each horse's needs to progress with a sound mind
and body.

Trainer and owner, Claudia Tarlov, has developed an extensive depth of
experience in training by riding with many highly-respected trainers, such as
Kathy Connelly for more than ten years, Henk Van Bergen for nine years in a
regular clinic format, Laura Graves, Volker Bromann, Gunnar Ostergaard,
Conrad Schumacher, Axel Steiner, Anky Van Grunsven, Betsy Steiner, and
many other notable clinicians. In addition, Claudia is a Graduate with
Distinction from the USDF 'L' Program and a USDF Silver Medalist on
horses she started, and successful FEI competitor for many years.

Claudia believes in dressage for all breeds as a means of developing the
physical and mental harmony between riders and their mounts. She enjoys
cross-training for other equestrian disciplines, as well as working towards the
unique goal of each rider for each horse, whether competitions or a relaxed
partnership at home. Each horse, regardless of goal, is a priority.

Much of the regular work for Turtle Hollow horses takes place in the mowed
and leveled back field, where horses can enjoy space and develop
forward-thinking minds. We have grass arenas as well as a fully-equipped,
GGT felt/sand regulation arena for show preparation and technical training.

The Turtle Hollow staff welcomes individual needs to create the best riding
experience possible.